CAIM. Magazine is an upstart digital editorial providing resources for artists of all creations, starting with the Minnesota Metropolitan Area. It’s calling line, “For Artists of Color by Artists of Color” represents the underrepresented and restricted but bold minority artists/creators who are part of the art revolution in the 21st century.

An interactive networking platform made by artists
of color to promote and encourage artists of color

Reach out to a variety of artists all over the world
who are a representation of established artistry in
their field while normalizing art as a career.

In the form an artzine, C.AIM magazine is a platform
dedicated to highlighting and featuring works and stories
of artists who are of color while also encouraging and
providing resources to up and coming artists who wish
to pursue the arts.

Katherina Vang
Katherina Vang is the founder of C.aim and the mastermind behind Maivab photography. She is heavily involved in both the Qhia Dab Neeg Art Exhibits and Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festivals in the state of Minnesota. She’s also had the opportunity to work with productions such as NICE, Hmong Organization, & The Stranger as the behind the scenes photographer. With a fiery passion for fine arts and her unique lived experiences, she felt it was only right to contribute to her own community through the creation of C.aim.

Design Team

Victoria Vang
Victoria is a graphic designer in all senses of the title. After first learning how to Photoshop when she was only 11 years old, she currently finds herself at her creative peak after graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth in the Spring of 2017. Her personal works centre on her identity and lived experience, but she has an incredible talent for bringing other peoples’ stories and ideas to life through her graphics. She brings her passion for storytelling and talent for centering other peoples’ narratives to C.aim.

Karina Elisa
Karin is a freelance artist who has previously worked as a company graphic designer and marketing specialist. She is aiming to release her own original art collections in 2019, after previously studying abroad in Japan for a year. Karin has navigated through both the corporate and freelance sides of the artistic industry and she hopes to share her own experiences and provide advice through C.aim.

Txia Yang
Txia is a Jack of all trades, and master of every single one. With a degree in Business Administration, a passion for graphic design and talent for web development; it is difficult for her to settle her ambitions in a single field. Understanding the difficulties that artists of colour face in their journeys, she hopes to share her own knowledge and problem-solving skills through C.aim to help her peers.

Writing Team

Sharon Ma
Sharon is currently a student at the University of Toronto studying Biotechnology. She is passionate about all artistic forms and has knowledge of a variety of fields. She provides strategic guidance in order to help propel C.aim on its journey to achieve its purpose

Maria is a talented creative writer from Texas. She brings her creative eloquence to C.aim in order to highlight the strengths of all artists, and uplift their presence to larger audiences."

Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 5 PM – 11 PM

Super excited to share with you all about our first pop up event at Chill Vibes & Friends Pop-Up Shop. It is a FREE EVENT, come support your local artists!!! More information on the event page.

Special thank you to our friends over at Chill Vibes Co. for the amazing opportunity to showcase our magazine and lead designer, Victoria's works!

Aired Friday January 25th, 2019 6:00AM CST

Founder, @maivab has been invited to Wisconsin Public Radio's The Morning Show with Kate Kent to talk about Modern Hmong Contemporary Artists. Please tune in to hear her speak about her journey, experience, and future as not only an Artist but a future Entreprenuer.


By Caim Mag in CAIM

40 pages

The very first issue by C.AIM Magazine, highlighting 15 Artists of Color and their stories--unfiltered and presented in their own words. C.AIM Magazine is celebrating the release of their very first issue with a grateful heart!

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